Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to look like the Plastics - Regina George

'And evil takes a human form in Regina George. Don't be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she's so much more than that.'

Mean girls is one of the best (and most quotable) chick flicks, and one of the main features of it is, of course, the plastics. After having recently re-watched it, I though it would be fun to do a mini-series of posts about it, in a 'Get the look' format. Of course, you could take ideas from this and make your everyday look a bit more plastic, or use it as a guide for a costume party or something like that! Overall these posts are just a bit of fun, as I have time to write a few more than normal as its the summer holidays.

Of course I had to start with Regina, as she is the 'queen bee', the leader of the plastics and the most memorable name. In these posts I will be talking about make-up, hair and fashion/style.


Regina's make-up is very clean and perfect - there is never a smudge or too much. Everything is soft and feminine and there is a clear focus on pinky tones

For face make-up, make sure your skin looks as flawless as possible; after all  she is a plastic, so she's sort of like a barbie doll. Her blusher is a pale, warm toned pink, that is soft but is obviously there. A similar colour would be Dandelion by Benefit, as even though it is quite subtle it can be built up. There is no bronzer or highlighter that can be seen.

For her eyes, black eyeliner is a must - it is slightly winged but this is not at all dramatic. In some parts of the film it looks like a light wash of grey or light brown eye shadow is being worn. She is wearing mascara but her lashes still look very natural. In the Halloween party seen, the black eyeliner is heavier and smoked out.

On her lips there are a variety of colours, but it is normally either a sheer hot pink or a more natural peachy colour. It always has a sheen, so lip gloss is the way forward!


Regina's hair is always sleek and straight. This can be achieved by using a smoothing serum or a shine spray. 

Unless your hair is naturally straight, make sure to use heat protectant, such as TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, beforehand to keep your hair in good condition.  


The main colours that Regina wears are, of course, pink, red, white and a small amount of purple. She also wears a few neutral colours which prevents her from looking too childish and adds a feel of maturity. 

All of the clothes that she wears are fitted/tight, and all the skirts are short. However, none of the tops she wears are ever really that low cut, which helps to balance out the skimpy skirts.

Of course, you could always just cut the section of your top the covers your bra off, if you really want to follow her style;)

Look forward to all the other mean girls posts coming soon!

- L x

Friday, 26 July 2013

5 Favourite Male Actors!

So, I did my 5 Favourite Female Actresses and I think it's only fair to do my 5 favourite male actors!

1. Leonardo DiCaprio. I just think he's an amazing actor. One reason, which I'm sure everybody's heard about, is that when he was acting in Django Unchained he cut his hand. Most people would have probably gone to get a first aid kit, but not Leo. He kept acting the scene, even wiping blood across a not-impressed-Kerry Washington's face. It also amazes me in The Great Gatsby when he gets angry with Tom (Daisy's Husband) in later scenes. I genuinely thought Gatsby was going to hurt Tom but he just walked away! Also the way Gatsby looks at Daisy is so romantic, well acted. Another favourite of mine is Shutter Island. Leo's acting truly was amazing here. He played someone with a mental illness and it was very realistic, the whole film was amazing at describing what it's like to have a mental illness. And obviously, let's not forget the classic, Titanic and also Romeo and Juliet which Leo filmed when he was a bit younger.

2. Cillian MurphyI've recently realised who Cillian is. You see, he's one of those actors that nobody knows the name of yet they have probably seen quite a few films with him in. He plays The Scarecrow in recent Batman films, he's in Red Lights, Red Eye - his performance as 'Jackson Rippner' (creative name, I know) was quite freaky. He also played a guy with Post Traumatic Stress disorder causing him to try to shoot someone in The Edge of Love. I'm starting to think he's a little bit of a physco himself! But a great actor all the same!

3. Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has done so many films, he has his own separate 'filmography' page on wikipedia. Wow.  He stars in the popular Pirates Of The Carribean films, Dark Shadows, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, the voice of Rango in Rango and he is in the upcoming movie The Lone Ranger, released on the 9th August in the UK. I love how he is friends with Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter and how they all make and star in a few films together!  

4. Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr is awesome. He is Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes! I just really enjoy the films he's in, especially Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and the very recent Iron Man 3. Also Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Some exciting news is that the third film in the Sherlock Holmes series is going to be released in 2015. Bring on 2015!

5. Dave Franco. I have a feeling there's a lot more to come from Dave Franco. He starred in 21 Jump Street as a drug dealer, which is a very funny film that I recommend. He was also in Charlie St. Cloud and the recent Now You See Me, another film that I recommend. Now You See Me was so clever in the way that the story-line unfolds, at no point was I bored, I was always eager to know what was to happen next!

-A x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

Nivea have recently come out with some new lip butters, and after having heard such good things about them, I decided to go out and try one, seeing as they're so cheap! I decided to try the caramel cream one, as I love all things caramel, and have heard that this particular product smells really nice - which is true! But setting the smell aside, it also moisturises the lips really well, making it a great base for any lip colour. It does give a slightly white-ish colour payoff if too much is applied, but this isn't obvious, and overall I don't think that this one setback should put you off buying this product. Although this does moisturise lips well, there are other lipbalms such as Carmex and Vaseline that would be better if you have extremely dry lips. When you go to apply this on your lips, you realise that it as quite a thick consistency, making it feel like real butter, but not making it hard to apply.

The Nivea lip butter gets 8/10, as although it is great, there are others that could be better, depending on what you want from it.

- L x

Friday, 19 July 2013

5 Favourite Female Actresses!

Now that it's the summer holidays, I will have a LOT of time on my hands! Some of which I will spend watching movies, which inspired me to do my 5 favourite actresses including some of the movies they're in!

1. Rachel McAdams. She is my all time favourite actress and is noted for performances in chick flicks such as The Notebook and The Vow. She has one of those smiles that makes her whole face light up! Her performance in The Notebook was amazing with Ryan Gosling and it made me fall in love with the movie. The Vow was also good, her and Channing Tatum made a great pair. She stars in Red Eye with actor Cillian Murphy which is a less well-known film and is definitely more of a thriller than a chick flick. Her performance in that was incredible alongside Cillian Murphy and I actually really enjoyed watching the film. Another favourite is Sherlock Holmes which she pulled off the character of Irene Adler perfectly and I loved the relationship between her and Sherlock (Robert Downey, Jr). She's also well known for Mean Girls, where she plays Regina George, which for me is the most quotable movie of all time. "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" "OMG Karen you can't just ask people why they're white!" I'll stop now...

2. Keira Knightley. I really enjoy watching Keira Knightley films and she has achieved so much and done so many films for a 28 year old! I think some of my favourite films she's in are period dramas such as The Duchess and Pride And Prejudice. I'm not sure if you would class The Edge Of Love with Sienna Miller in as a period drama, but that's a favourite of mine also. It shows what it was like in WW2 times and the Post Traumatic Stress soldiers (Cillian Murphy) had after the war/after they stopped fighting. 

3. Carey Mulligan. Carey isn't as well known as the other two actresses above but recently starred in The Great Gatsby and is known for her performance alongside Keira Knightly in Never Let Me Go. I loved The Great Gatsby and can't wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it again! The way Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Daisy (Carey) looked at each other was so romantic and it was a truly great film. Although, even though it was set in the 1920s, the music played in the film was very much 21st Century with singers such as Lana Del Ray and a cover of Crazy in Love being sung! This wasn't a problem for me, in fact I quite enjoyed it, but some didn't like it. 

4. Amanda Seyfried. Amanda is in lots of chick flicks including Dear John, Letters To Julliet and Mama Mia! I loved her performance in Dear John alongside Channing Tatum as it was so romantic and had an interesting storyline. I enjoyed Red Riding Hood which certainly wasn't a chick flick, more of a thriller/horror. And of course, Karen in Mean Girls... let's not go there again. 

5. Zooey Deschannel. She's hilarious in New Girl playing her character Jess and in the chick flick 500 Days Of Summer!

-A x

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer-proof Makeup!

Throughout summer, the weather is getting warmer, even in England! Even though this is great, it does mean that your make-up is more likely to slip off your face instead of staying put, so below, are my top tips/products to use to help keep your makeup looking fresh!
- Use a primer. This will give your makeup something to stick to, therefore helping it stay on for longer. There are many different types, but my personal favorite is Benefit POREfessional, as it not only makes your pores less noticeable, but it reduces shine and keeps your makeup on for, in my opinion, much longer. You can also use this primer over your makeup to remove any shine that has come through during the day.

- Use blotting tissues. These will remove the oil from your face without removing any makeup, meaning you will not have to re-apply. 

- Use powder. Powder will set your makeup and help it to last longer throughout the day. It will also help to remove the shine from your face and help it stay matte throughout the day. I like Rimmel Stay Matte, as I find that for me, this sets my makeup the best and holds off shine for the longest. 

- Use a setting spray. If you have very oily skin, you could use a setting spray. This can be used before you put any makeup on as a primer, and also before you powder to add some more staying power.

- Use waterproof mascara. This will help to prevent smudging, and if you plan on doing any activities that involve water, such as swimming or going to the beach, it will give it a greater chance of staying on. However, it is more difficult to remove afterwards, so be careful not to tug to hard at your eyes when taking it off.

- Use a cream eye shadow base/primer. Like a primer for your face, this will give the eye shadow something to stick too, helping it last longer. They can also help your eye shadow appear more vibrant. I like the Maybelline colour tattoo's as they come in many colours and really help your eye shadows stick.

Hope you found these tips helpful!

- L xx

Friday, 12 July 2013

Made In Chelsea Fashion - Millie

Have you ever wanted a piece of clothing or accessory on Made In Chelsea but realised you'd have to sell your house to afford it? Do not fear! Here are some cheaper Made In Chelsea fashion ideas inspired by Millie Mackintosh! 




-A x

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 things to do... When you're ill:(

When you're off school because you're ill, not only is it horrible because you feel sick, but it's also really, really boring, especially if you have more than one day off! So, I have come up with a list of things to do when you're ill - however, don't do any of these things if they're going to make you feel worse!
  1. Watch films! Daytime T.V. is rubbish, so instead, watch your favorite film - I would recommend Rom coms, such as He's Just Not That Into You, as they will make you laugh and hopefully feel a little bit better.
  2. Although this might seem like the most boring thing ever, sometimes it's good to do homework, as this means you won't fall behind, and also, it gives you something to do. (You must be quite bored if you're doing homework hehe)
  3. Go on youtube! You could happily be on there for hours and not even realise - normally this would be very, very bad, but you have a whole day with nothing to do.
  4. Go on online shops and pin things that you see that you like, and if they're really expensive, try to find cheaper versions that you can afford. If you're ill just before a new season you could even plan what you want your style to be like for it.
  5. Sleep!!!;)
- L x

Friday, 5 July 2013

How To Incorporate Ridley's (Lena's Cousin) Style Into Your Own

From the moment I saw Ridley with her hair smoothed back, shades on and driving a fierce bright red car I fell in love with her style. She was wearing a black lace dress with no accessories except her sunglasses. Throughout the film I couldn't help but notice her style every time she appeared. But I also noticed that her clothes weren't easy to wear at all in real life unless you were prepared to go all out. Here are some tips to help you introduce her style into your own!

-Wear black! Not once in the film did I see Ridley wear any other colour!

-Wear lace! Whatever outfit she was wearing she managed to have lace in it. Try layering lace into your own outfits, for example wear a black tank with a black lace 3/4 length sleeved top over it. 

-Wear fitted! All her outfits are fitted showing off her waist and hips, it looks really flattering with black outfits because black is a slimming colour!

-Wear minimal! Now I don't mean walk around in your underwear, I mean keep it simple, wear no accessories or one plain one. Also keep outfits simple, for example, just wear a dress, shoes and sunglasses!

These tips will help you look like Ridley in a subtle way if you don't have the confidence to pull off Ridley's dramatic outfits!

-A x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter Review

The trend of deep berry coloured lips has been huge with all things in the fashion and beauty world - from fashion shows to make-up guru's on Youtube. I had always loved the way this trend was so classy but looked so fun and girly at the same time, so I was keen to try it. Unfortunately, I have very pale skin, so many of these dark colours looked strange on me, and made me look paler than I already was, making this trend difficult for me to pull off without being to dramatic. I had been using many lip glosses in some similar shades to see which one was best, when someone gave me the Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (shade 010).

Not only is the packaging of this product gorgeous - with a sophisticated quilting pattern on two sides of the tube - so is the lip butter itself, which is just a step down from a lipstick, as it is slightly more sheer, but I have found that it can be more opaque if you add more layers. It is a deep slightly blue-toned pink that would look amazing on most skin tones. The finish is not completely matte, as it has a slight sheen to it, but there is not glitter or sparkle, giving it a more mature effect. Having said this I do think it is suitable for all ages as it in not quite as full on as a lip stick, as I said before, making it a more wearable way of using this make-up trend.

I would match this lip colour with a simple brown eye shadow look, a small amount of pink blush, some bronzer, and lots of mascara. If you want to dress this lip up, you could use winged eyeliner, and maybe even use a small amount of the Lip Butter on your cheeks and then blend it out, to give a uniform effect. This product also looks pretty with either a clear, glitter, or similarly coloured gloss over the top. This product is very versatile and I think worth buying - it's £7.99, and even if you have little money to spend on makeup, this is definitely a worthy investment!

Overall, I give the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter 9/10, as the only things that I could find a fault in is the price - I wish it was cheaper! (then I could get more) - and  the colour range, as I wish there was more colours to try. My next purchase will be the colour Wild Watermelon, as I think it will be great for summer!
- L x

These two colours are Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Pie ( the lighter one is strawberry shortcake).