Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Top 10 Free Apps For iPad and iPhone!

Aside from social networking apps, here - in no particular order, are my top 10 free apps! 

1. Candy Crush. This addictive game has had me hooked for a while! The aim of the game is to match 3 or more candies of the same colour and overcome certain obstacle/goals the game sets you to level up. Currently I'm on level 57!

2. MicPro. This is the best free recording app I have found, I like the quality when you play back your recordings.

3. PS (Photoshop) Express. This is a good app for editing photos and adding filters to your photos. The layout is clear and is great considering its free!

4. 4oD. I watch quite a lot of programs on Channel 4 and E4 so this is a very useful app to catch up with!

5. Bump. This app is great to send pictures to your friends without email or texting. You just bump your iPhones together and the picture(s) transfer! A downside is that you have to use bump when your friends are close by, but it is useful all the same.

6. Words Free. This is basically scrabble. You can play and connect with friends or opt for the app to find you strangers to play with. 

7. Stardom: Hollywood. In this game, you start out as an aspiring actor wanting to be an A-list celebrity. You progress your career by taking part in making films and trying to build your fan base. You can choose what you look like, who you date and save money for houses and pets. New storylines appear and recently I have been hooked. I play this game on my iPad, the screen is bigger and gives a better experience. 

8. Spotify. This is kind of cheating because spotify isn't free, but I have got a free trial. It's so great for listening to your favourite tunes and creating your own playlist. 

9. IconPopQuiz. This is the best app for passing time and it's really fun with family and friends too. It's a quiz game that has 3 main rounds: Famous People, TV & Films, Characters and the additions of Weekend Specials and Season's Box. On each level it has a certain amount of cartoons or icons that look or represent either a famous person, TV program or film or a character. 

10. Hayday. Hayday is an app where you get your own farm, and you have to make it grow and deliver orders to level up. You can buy new machinery and animals!

I would love to know all your favourite free apps!

-A x

Thursday, 19 September 2013

20 Quick Gift Ideas

Here are some quick ideas for when you can't think of what to get! There are some expensive and some cheap ones - something for everyone!<3

  1. Lush Box 
  2. Bake them a cake
  3. Gift-card for their favorite clothes shop
  4. Eye shadow pallet
  5. Photo frame with a picture of you together in it
  6. Sweets
  7. Perfume gift set
  8. Purse with £1 in it
  9. Iphone case & Apple store gift card
  10. Necklace
  11. DVD/Box set 
  12. Tickets to the cinema/a theme park
  13. Meal out
  14. Birthstone jewelry
  15. Mini Soap & Glory products
  16. Cozy socks/slippers
  17. Nail Varnishes and nail art pens
  18. Jewelery stand
  19. Room decor
  20. Stationary
I know some of these seem obvious, but sometimes it can be hard to think! If none of these suit the person who you are buying for, then get them something linked to one of their hobbies; for example, if they like baking, get them silicone cupcake cases or a cookery book!

Let us know down below if there is anything you want us to do a post on!x

- L x

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Lying Game Outfits - Season 1

Left to Right: Mads Rybak, Sutton Mercer/Emma Becker, Laurel Mercer and Charlotte 'Char' Chamberlin

Mads - Her style is very feminine and fitted, she usually sticks to monochrome colours and rarely has pattern on her clothes.

Sutton/Emma - Their style is very on-trend and feminine, but maybe a little less 'grown-up' compared to Mads. 

Laurel - She often wears floaty clothing and keeps it casual most of the time.

Char - She always tries to look her best and always looks well put together.

-A x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Recently the maybelline baby lips have come out in the UK, and I finally managed to pick 2 of them up in boots. I got the colours Cherry Me and Pink Punch. First of all, I love the smell! However, it is a very sweet smell, so if you do not like sweet smells this may not be for you - you could maybe try some of the others ones, as some have different smells! I found that they do manage to moisturize my lips quite well, and I like the fact that they are in a lipstick form, as they are easy and quick to apply, and as the tints are very sheer, you do not need a mirror. I love the colour of Cherry Me and think that it will be great for autumn as it is a berry tone. The Pink Punch one is also a nice colour, and the colour can be built up to a stronger pink. They are also perfect for school, as the colours are sheer enough to look 'natural' but they add some colour so you look more awake/healthy! And, they're only £2.99!

Overall I would give baby lips 9/10!

- L x

Friday, 6 September 2013

August Favourites!

This month I have been loving various different items which I can't wait to share with you all!

First of all is my Bourjous Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch. I love how buildable the pigment is - you could have a light tint on the lips or make it really bold and bright. The colour is gorgeous and isn't as orange as the packaging makes it out to be, its closer to coral than orange. It claims it's 'water resistant' which it is for a little while, but you need to touch up throughout the day.

Next are a few clothing items I bought! One item is a midi skirt from H&M in the Black/Grey Colour. I've been wanting a midi skirt for quite a while and when I saw this skirt I practically ran to it! I think in autumn time it would look nice with the boots on my wishlist  and a leather jacket! Also, I managed to go to Kings Road in London and go to the Brandy Melville there! I fell in love with everything in the shop! I came out with a LBD with a cute criss-cross back, a tank top and a floral skirt!

This is the print of the skirt!

Throughout the summer I have been loving wearing Barry M's Gelly Paint nail varnish in Satsuma! It was perfect throughout the summer to keep my fingers and toes looking lush!

Barry M Gelly Paint in the
colour Satsuma

My summer reads have been To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I immensely enjoyed reading both the books and they kept me entertained from start to finish. The books took me about 2 days to finish both!
To Kill A Mocking Bird and
The Great Gatsby

A film that I greatly enjoyed watching this August was Now You See Me which is about a group of magicians who are being tracked down by the FBI because they reward their audiences with other people's money. It keeps you intrigued the whole way through and is definitely a film I'm going to buy on DVD!

That's it for my favourites, thanks for reading!

-A x

Monday, 2 September 2013

Summer into Autumn style #3

Autumn into Summer #2

This is the last summer into autumn styling post that I'm going to do, and for this outfit I decided to go for a more dressy, girly look. This is something that I would defiantly wear, and I love the mix of the girlyness of the skirt with the studded boots and dark bag and top.
The pale pink skirt is from New look, and I love the eyelet detailing at the bottom. I also love the colour, as, like I said before, I feel that a blush pink can work in all seasons. The reason I chose this for summer into autumn is that at first glance it appears quite summery, but with tights and knitwear I feel that it makes the perfect transition piece.
As the skirt is highwaisted, I chose a black crop top from River Island to go with it. As it is not fitted, it adds a casual element into the outfit, and also makes it comfy, which I love!
To throw over the top I decided on this cream chunky knit cardigan also from New look! I love the New look knitwear as it is so affordable  As the top and bag are black, I wanted a cardigan that was lighter to keep the outfit slightly more summery. 
For shoes I chose some ankle boots from New look. I love the studs as I think they add some edge to the otherwise girly look. I also feel that the neutral colour would go with everything, so they could be worn with anything! The slight heel is great, as it adds height and glamour without being uncomfortable.
I think that the black bag from New look really completes the outfit, as it ties the shoes and the top in and makes it all look very pulled together. To finish it off, I would go for black tights, or if it's a bit warmer, some cute frilly socks! If you want to make it extra girly, you could even add a pale pink or white flower crown!

I did not realise so much of this was from New look haha woops!

Look forward to autumn styling posts in the future!<3

- L x