Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back To School: Must Haves for your bag

It is now officially back to school season, unfortunately, so I thought that it might be helpful to make a post about a few things that are necessary to take with you, to lessen the stress and possibility of forgetting things! Also a quick tip is to pack your bag the night before each day of school, with your books and such. It makes the next morning much less stressful and as you won't be in a rush, you're much more likely to take everything you need - as well as giving you a few more minutes sleep!

Back to the main point of this post - here is a list of my top things to take with you every day to school!
  1. Books, folders or whatever else you need for your subjects that day. Forgetting your books is just going to take away form what you learn from that lesson, as you'll have to write stuff down on spare paper that you'll probably end up loosing, so it's in your best interests to take what you need and to make everything easier for yourself.
  2. Your pencil case, full of any stationary you might need. Again, this is in your best interests to have as it's going to help your learning, and you might as well make the most of school!
  3. Pads and Tampons - there's really no delicate way to say this, but sometimes 'mother nature' may surprise you or one of your friends and it's always better to be prepared for it, as you don't want to be caught out.
  4. Oil blotting sheets. In summer you can get pretty oily during a whole day of school in hot classrooms, so these are good to have as they keep you looking fresh and feeling confident.
  5. A small make-up bag with any make-up that you might want to top up throughout the day. Things such as powder and lip balm are essentials for this, as powder helps to keep your make-up on all day and also helps to keep you matte, and it's always nice to have moisturised lips! What you put in this really depends on what make-up you wear!
  6. Tissues and plasters. These are just good to have in your bag, as you never know when you're going to have a cold or get a paper cut, so like I've said before, it's good to be prepared!
These are just a few things that I will always want to have handy in my school bag! Of course there's other things like house keys and your phone, but those don't need much explanation! Hopefully you found this post helpful and it's made your back to school process a bit easier!

- L x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Effy Stonem Style

Effy Stonem

Effy Stonem is by far the best dressed character on Skins. Her 
ripped denim and Doc Martens are beautifully grunge and her 
outfits match her daring yet distressed personality. If you don't
know who she is, just know that her style is noteworthy. 

-A x