Friday, 31 May 2013

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection

My favourite perfume of the moment is from Ralph Lauren's most recent fragrance collection for women. In order, the perfumes go 'the sporty fragrance', 'the sensual fragrance', 'the free spirited fragrance' and finally 'the stylish fragrance'. I bought the sporty fragrance as I liked that scent the most, not because I am in any way sporty - trust me, I am not.The packaging is sporty (hense the name 'the sporty fragrance') in a tinted blue bottle with a spring green '1' imprinted on the front. I feel as though this perfume is beautiful for spring and summertime as it's fresh, slightly floral and described as smelling like citrus fruits. It features grape fruit and blue lotus making it more vibrant than the others in the collection. This is not at all over powering and has a very energetic and, well, sporty feel to it. I would recommend this perfume to everyone and I think it is suited to most ages although it smells quite youthful so maybe older women want something more sophisticated. I can't wait to try out the rest in the collection and I am particularly interested in trying the fourth and last one in the collection as it is described as smelling like wild cherry and purple amber! You can also buy gift sets which includes the full bottle of the perfume itself and a body lotion of the same scent.

-A x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Natural Collection - A bargain or just bad quality?

The natural collection makeup has always stood out from the rest - because it's half the price! But is this seemingly great makeup line worth buying? The price is great, but sometime you get what you pay for, and some items in the Natural Collection obey this rule. Everything is under £2, meaning that many teenage girls think that it is a great alternative to other brands like Maybelline, Revlon and Barry M. So, to help you decide, I'm going to do a run down of the products, and tell you whether they're worth it or not. 

Foundation/Tinted moisturizer: This is thick and cakey, and the colour range is very limited - it doesn't go pale enough for the 'English rose', and only has 3/4 colours in total. When you squeeze it out of the bottle, it comes out in lumps, making it horrible to apply to the face. And don't be fooled by the name - it's not natural at all, and will clog up your pores if you're not careful!

Concealer: The colours are better than the foundations, but is still quite limited. The coverage is not the best and the stick snaps easily, but it is still good for the £2 you pay. It does cover most spots and under eye bags, and isn't cakey.

Loose/pressed powder: This does set makeup but will not last all day, only for a few hours, so you would have to reapply. Mattifys your face but shine will come through by the end of the day, so it's probably better for a dryer skin type. Again, the colour range is not great, but it does match most skin tones.

Blush & Bronzer: Not very pigmented, but they have a variety of bronzers and all the blush colours are very pretty, some with a slight shimmer to them. The cream blushes, however, wear off within about an hour, and barely show up on the cheeks even when first applied. Some of the powder blushes are more pigmented than the others, and their is a colour for all skin tones.

Eyeshadow: Large range of colours, some are more pigmented than others, but all are really pretty and definitely worth the money. My favorite colours are Barley, Butterscotch and Willow.

Eyeliners: Creamy, with a good colour payoff. The olive green coloured one looks beautiful if you have red or brown hair. They don't have many different colours though, so if you want a wider selection I would suggest Barry M or Rimmel. The colours they do have are all very wearable, and all seem to stay well throughout the day.

Lip-glosses/Lipsticks: The lip-glosses come in a variety of colors, some with glitter and others without. The colour payoff depends on which colour you choose, as some have a more opaque finish than others. The lipsticks don't stay on for very long, but there are some pretty colours so if you're prepared too reapply throughout the day then they could work for you!

Mascara: Not the best, but not the worst either. It does the job, but I do not find that it makes my lashes look much thicker or longer. The clear mascara is good for setting you're eyebrows if you want to keep them in place, but it doesn't really do too much for the lashes.

I hope that you found this review helpful - be sure to check back soon for more reviews! If there is something specific you want us to try out, just tell us in the comments either here on our blog, or tweet us @Lameyyy

 - L x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Making Pretty Little Liars Fashion Wearable

PLL fashion is beautiful. From Aria's edgy look to Spencer's preppy style, I always love what they're wearing. However lots of the clothes they wear take a lot of guts to walk in down the highstreet. Here are some ways of introducing their style into your own look: 

Let's start with Aria. 
With Aria she always finds a way of making her outfit look a bit more edgy. Maybe she accessorizes more or adds a interesting piece to the outfit but it always looks unique, in a good way. Another key thing about Aria's wardrobe is that it's mostly darker colours: plums, olive greens, browns, gunmetal grey and of course black. She also likes her layers which add a boho feel to her look.

This is a typical Aria outfit: leather jacket, cute dress, knee-high socks and some accessories to top it off. Although this might be a bit extreme to wear in real life, you can take elements from it and incorporate it into your own look.

Next there's Spencer. Her fashion is very preppy, well tailored and put together. She never really accessories much, nowhere near as much as Aria, but she doesn't need to. Her outfits are a few simple pieces put together that looks very classy. A staple item in Spencer's wardrobe is a blazer. Also lace dresses and blouses are always in her wardrobe!
Spencer has a very neutral colour scheme in her wardrobe and little pattern. 

My all time favourite Spencer outfits are the top left picture and the dress and cardi combo in the little picture to the right. They are very feminine and sophisticated. This isn't really fashion related but I adore Spencer's braid in the bottom right picture as well!

Hanna's fashion is girly, and recently it's started to get edgier. Hanna is all about the heels and dressing up, the school is her catwalk. She wears bright yet feminine colours and she always looks like queen bee! 

Here Hanna's got on a red mini skirt which has a brilliant pop of colour! This is quite easy to recreate and it fits into Hanna's style well. She always throws on a blazer which gives her a polished look. The belt in the picture is studded to show Hanna's style getting more edgy throughout the series. Hanna always accessories and long necklaces are one way to go about it!

Last but not least, Emily. Emily's style started off as normal quite plain and very 'mother approved'. But in series three she has developed more of a style for herself. Her signature piece are her jackets and she's been recently sporting a military jacket. The key to Emily's look is to look casual with a twist. She toughens her looks with the jackets and also leather boots/converse.

Emily's wearing an acid wash denim shirt which shows the new edge she's got this season. If your trying to look like Emily casual is definitely the way forward but she makes it look so effortless and cool. Her clothes are quite loose fitting which helps with the effortless vibe.

You can mix and match all of these styles and I think the Liars have fashion to suit everyone! Some brands where they get their clothes from are Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Asos, Modcloth and Forever 21.

- A 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Friendship - Jealousy

Sometimes in friendship it can be tough to see one of your closest friends excelling so much more than you in life - in exam results, experiences, new friends and even with boys and dates. It can make you feel left out, and make you feel like they're better than you, or like you'll never get any of the things they have. It can also make you feel quite insecure, like they might stop being friends with you and find someone better.The most important thing to remember is that they're friends with you for a reason, and they want to be your friend. 


-Don't worry too much about what others have; focus on yourself! If you really want something, figure out how you could get it... make something that was first negative into something that's positive.

-If you're jealous of their exam results, remember that everyone is good at different things, and that you can do other things better than them!

-If you feel like one of your friends has a new friend that they favor over you, talk to them about it. If they understand your feelings, and if they're a friend that's worth having, they'll probably start spending a bit more time with you again.

-If you've never had a boyfriends and all your friends seem to constantly have one, and you want one, just don't worry about it! Chances are that when you do have one, it will seem worth the wait.

-Remember that loads of girls don't have boyfriends - just because you friends do, that doesn't mean you're the only one who feels forever alone;)

-If your friends are getting more experiences, get up and go find some! Say YES to more exciting opportunities! I know this can be hard, especially if you're shy, but the more you say yes, the easier it will be!

-Remember that you are just as good as your friends, and don't compare yourself to them too much, especially if it upsets you, as it will just make you feel much more jealous of them, as they may seem to be getting everything so easily.

-Don't feel bad about feeling jealous - it's only human, and everyone does once in a while; it doesn't make you a bad person!

I hope that you found this blog post helpful, and if you want us to go into more detail about anything just let us know in the comments below!

-L x

Friday, 17 May 2013

Pretty Little Liars Theories - SPOILERS ALERT!

After the finale of PLL we've all been left wondering what's going on! Who's the person in the Red Coat? Is Mona really clueless about who they are? Unfortunately we'll have to hang on until June 11th to find out! But we do know this. Red Coat is undeniably the leader of every A operation and it seems as though nobody knows who she is. Not even people on the A team.

Theory No.1
Alison is back from the dead.

Spencer, Hanna and Mona ALL claim to have seen her in the red coat, but are they reliable? Red coat also has golden locks rather similar to Alison's which may suggest it's her. At the end of the episode 'A dangerous gAme' a hand shoots out of the soil like its gasping for air. I immediately assumed it's Alison, but that is an obvious guess. From what I've learnt from PLL it makes you think one thing and then it turns out to be what you least expected!

Theory No.2:
Alison had a twin who is Red Coat.

The main evidence for this theory is the Pretty Little Liars book, 'Ali's Pretty Little Lies'. The book introduces Alison's twin, Courtney DiLaurentis. The book says that Alison convinced her parents that Courtney needed to go to Radley, however Courtney switched places with Ali. It was then Courtney who made friends with the Pretty Little Liars before an annoyed Alison killed her. Although the TV series doesn't follow the book completely, some parts of the book are still used so it's a possibility. And as they're identical twins, all the evidence in theory one supports the fact that it could be Courtney in the red coat! 

Theory No.3:
Red Coat is Cece.

Well it is obvious that Cece has the perfect hair to be Red Coat, but what else make her a suspect? Well slightly earlier in the series Cece told Spencer that Paige and Alison had it out for each other. This caused Spencer to be suspicious of Paige and look through her purse where they found the earring Aria put in Ali's grave. Cece could have easily slipped this earring into Paige's purse. The night of Alisons death Cece was with Melissa at Ali's and also she lied to the girls about knowing detective Wilden. 


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

5 things to do... At the weekend!

Organising things to do at the weekend with your friends can sometimes be difficult - it's hard to think of something that everyone wants to do and that everyone can afford, and to do different stuff too, as it can get really repetitive. Also, the sort of stuff you can do is limited when you're a teen because it all depends on what your parents say yes too! But anyway, here are my 5 ideas of fun stuff to do at the weekend!
  1. Have a film day/night/weekend... get all of your friends to bring their favorite film and sweets and stuff and just get all cozy and watch them... this is best when it's cold outside, because you don't feel bad about sitting inside because the weather isn't all nice and warm.
  2. Go shopping! Even if it's just window shopping, it's still fun to get your friends opinion on stuff that you might buy.
  3. Have a picnic. This is great if you have a park or a large area where you can sit and eat in the town where you live, and a picnic can be surprisingly cheap - you could just go to Gregs or get a boots meal deal or whatever. I love doing this in spring/summer as it just feels so relaxed and lovely!
  4. Go out for a meal! This is basically a more expensive and posh version of a picnic, but this works all year round - you don't have to go to somewhere that's really expensive either - Nando's and Pizza hut are great too!
  5. Do some baking together, or decorate cupcakes - if your are completely broke this is my favorite as you can get the ingredients from what you already have or ask your parents to buy them... and the best bit is that you get to eat whatever you make afterwards!
- L x

Friday, 10 May 2013

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So you're a Braceface?!

Having braces can seem like the BIGGEST thing in your life at the start of the treatment. You sometimes feel horrible about your looks because of them. Here are some things to remember when you're feeling down about them:

-Your teeth will be perfect at the end

-Even though it seems like the biggest thing for you, others only barely notice them!
-As you progress through the treatment it becomes less of a big deal

  • And if you're are about to get braces you may be anxious or worried about it. Questions that you might have are "How long will they be on for?", "Will it hurt putting them on?" and "Will they look obvious?". Your orthodontist will answer all these questions for you as each experience with braces is different. At first, when you have them on it feels extremely strange however you do get used to it within a week or so.  

Another option with braces is to get clear ones. While colours such as light blue and pink are quite light and unnoticeable clear ones are almost invisible! The upsides to clear braces are that from a distance you wouldn't notice them and even up close they are hard to spot. It might boost your self esteem knowing that some people don't know you have them. Downsides are they might stain quicker than metal ones but as you get checked up on every 6 weeks that's not really a problem!

Whatever your situation your teeth will be amazing at the end of the treatment and it's worth getting it out the way now and having perfect teeth later!

-A x

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

MUA Undressed and Undressed 2 eye-shadow palettes review

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are beautiful, and, like many other people, I wish I could have one, but, unfortunately for me, they are also ridiculous expensive - at least in my opinion! When you're a teenager, or even just don't have much money to spend on things such as make up pallets, you always seem to want the pricey things that you will never ever ever be able to afford - at least not for a good few years. However, there is hope for us all, as there are dupes! Some are better than others, but to be honest this might not be a very good post to read if you're looking for a comparison, as, like I said, I can't afford one of the naked pallets, so there are not going to be any side-by-side swatches of the colours. But, from pictures, the colours look VERY similar.

The dupes that I am talking about are the MUA Undressed pallets, which are only £4, which is great value, as in each pallet you get 12 different colours in each one. The first undressed pallet is a great dupe for the first Naked pallet, and the 2nd one is a great dupe for the 2nd Naked pallet. You also get a sponge tip applicator with the pallet, but I find that the best way to apply the eye shadow is with your fingers, as it seems to pick up the most pigment. Having said this, some of the colours, especially the matte ones, are quite sheer, but for £4, I really don't consider this as much of a problem. Some of the colours are very pigmented, and all of the look beautiful when worn. 

The Undressed pallet contains more warm-toned colours and has a range of neutrals, gold and bronze colours, pinks, a deep green and two dark blue shades. Two of the browns are matte, and I find that the lightest one is great for filling in my brows to make them more prominent - if I want them slightly more defined I will add some of the darker matte brown. All the colours go well together and can be used to create day and night looks - simple and quick looks to dark smokey eyes. If I only got one of the pallets, I would personally get this one, as even though I love the other one too, my hair has more warm tones in it, which these eye shadows help to bring out.

The Undressed 2 pallet contains more cool toned colours, as well as having a few more mattes than the other pallet, such as a pale matte skin-toned colour which makes a great base for your eye shadow, and a matte black. I would say that all of the colours in this pallet are neutrals, even though it has a gold and silver, as they are all very discrete, so this is great to use for school if your make-up isn't meant to be that obvious. This can also be used to create more dramatic looks, so this is again a great all-round product to get if you only want to have to buy one eye shadow pallet!

I hope you found this post useful - if there is anything else you would like us to review/find a dupe for, please just tell us in the comments below!

- L x

Monday, 6 May 2013

5 Tips To Prevent Spots!

  • This one is pretty standard, but it needs to be said! Drink a large amount of water every single day, around 2-3 litres. Personally, I’m not the best at doing this and often don’t drink as much as I should, however I’m trying to improve and you really do see the benefits of doing this. Another thing is to eat healthily. I’m not saying you should have a salad for every meal, but have a balanced diet from all the different food groups: carbohydrates, protein, dairy, fruit and veg and fats and sugars.
  • Clean your makeup brushes. When you're repeatedly using the same makeup brush on your face it picks up bacteria and eventually starts affecting you. You wouldn't use a toothbrush again and again without using toothpaste and running it under the tap. It's the same with a makeup brush, you need to wash it regularly.
  • Invest in a good cleanser. There are a few things you need to consider when buying a cleanser. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. You can get a cleanser accordingly as there are oil free cleansers (Neutrogena does a good one) and extra moisturizing ones (Aveeno is a good brand for them). The cleanser that I use is the Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. I feel it isn't for people with lots of blemishes but it does help prevent them and is great for skin with a few spots.  
  • Moisturize! Even if your skin is oily, you still need to moisturize it. This is because if you don't your skin will compensate for that loss by producing to much oil, leading to more breakouts.
  • If all else fails, go to see your doctor. Your GP will be able to tell you if your face is fine, ok or if your spots are a serious problem. At the end of the appointment you may even be prescribed medical treatment for your spots which will hopefully clear them.

  • -A x

    Pretty Little Liars! Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

    The first thing that caught my eye this episode (Will The Circle Be Unbroken?) was Emily's studded khaki vest! I know this style has been worn a lot recently but I absolutely fell in love with this piece of clothing. It's from Zara and Emily pulled it off really well. I feel like Emily's style really has changed since season 1 as she started off just wearing a striped tee and denim mini skirt and now she is rocking studded khaki vests. Who would of thought it?! Also in this episode another jacket was seen on Emily. It's a cropped grey-black denim jacket sold by Urban Outfitters. The brand Silence + Noise made it and most of their stock fits a mix of Aria and Emily's style. Urban Outfitters has a lot of clothing that the PLL girls would wear, Staring at Stars and Silence + Noise are two brands that I have mentioned already but another brand called Sparkle and Fade features a lot of PLL looking clothing.


    Missguided Lipsplash in Peace

    Recently I was looking through my makeup for something to smear on my lips when I came across my missguided lipsplash! The 'lipsplash', which I received at clothes show live, stood out as being a light glittery peach colour. It's basically a lip gloss that gives a shiny, non-sticky finish. It looks great for that little splash of colour while still keeping the look neutral. Or if you wanted to play up the eyes this is a great thing to put on your lips because it doesn't steal the show with it's colour. Luckily, I rediscovered it just in time for S/S 13!  

    -A x

    Pretty Little Liars! - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

    I thought that this recent episode of PLL (Series 3, episode 21 Out of Sight, Out of Mind) was something that NEEDED to be written about. I was left with the facial expression of a deranged animal after watching it. Anyway, something that stood out to me during the episode was a certain piece of clothing Miss Montgomery wore. She had this turquoise chiffon top on with white skulls printed on it. It hung from her in the most flattering way and was tied at the bottom. By doing a little internet search I found it was made by Vintage Havana. She paired it with some cute studded jeans from Zara, it looked A-mazing! 

    Another piece that looked fabulous was Aria's almost Aztec looking jacket ('Array Cardigan' by Staring at Stars at Urban Outfitters). Also, most of the clothes by Staring at Stars are Aria's style so check out all of the brand. She paired the cardigan with a black sleeveless blouse, block green leggings and a chunky triangle necklace. When described it sounds a bit odd but it looked very put together and if anyone can pull it off Aria most certainly can. 

    -A ;)

    6 Tips for choosing the RIGHT foundation

    When buying a foundation it's important to know what you're looking for, what coverage you want, do you mind sparkle, do you want a dewy finish? If you're unsure, here some tips to help you decide:

    1. Make sure you get the right colour by testing it on your jawbone not your hand - your face and hands are nearly always slightly different colours.

    2. Know what finish you want - if you have dry skin, go for a more dewy finish, if you have oily skin, go matte.

    3. Know how much coverage you want - it normally says or suggest the amount of coverage on the bottle, so knowing what you want can make the whole process go by a lot faster.

    4. Know how much you want to spend. This will stop you from going over budget and buying a really expensive foundation that you didn't actually want.

    5. If it's a more high-end foundation you want, ask one of the people at the counter to help you. They know what they're talking about, so taking their advice could prevent you wasting a lot of money.

    6. If it's a high street/drugstore foundation, one you have tested it, go outside and see what it looks like in natural light - it could have some shimmer in there that you didn't know existed!

    I hope this helped you all for when you're looking for new foundations!
    - L x

    Maybelline Expression Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow Review

    The Colour Tattoo is a highly pigmented cream eye shadow/base. It has extremely long lasting power as the name would suggest - it states it is a 24hr eye shadow. I have not personally worn this for 24 hours, but I can definitely say that it keeps any eye  shadow that I put over the top on for longer than it could on its own. It also adds a new dimension of colour to any eye makeup look that you have on. The texture of the product is quite hard, but is easy to apply, with either your own clean fingers or a brush. A downside of this product is that it will dry out very quickly if you don't put the lid on fully, so I would recommend that you always check that it is.

    The colour I have is pink gold, which is a light, glittery cool toned pink, which looks beautiful on the lids. It is not overpowering, and also doesn't give you a punched-in-the-face look which is often achieved by using pink eye shadows. It creates a good base for any type of smokey eye, or can also be used alone for a more easy, quick and simple look. The colours can be built up to give a more opaque or sheer look, but in my opinion, this colour looks nicer when it is more sheer, as otherwise it looks quite full on. Some other colours I would like to try are Permanent Taupe, On and On Bronze, and Light in Purple, which is a beautiful mix of blues and purples which would look magical in summer on the eye, with some grey eyeliner, lots of mascara and a pinky lip.

    Overall, I give the Colour Tattoo 8/10, as it is a amazing product and is only £4.99! However, some of the colours are very bright and seem like they could be unwearable, apart from maybe as eyeliner. 

    - L x

    Friendship - Frenemies

    It's horrible when you realise that someone you once called a friend was never really there for you at all. Fake friends always seem to be worse than someone who openly hates you, because when you trust someone and they throw it all back in your face, it hurts, and makes you feel betrayed.

    It can also be difficult to deal with - if you're in a big group of friends especially, as you wouldn't want to break the whole group up, but at the same time, you being unhappy is not fair, and you shouldn't suffer in silence. Your other friends could even feel the same way, and just be scared to say anything, so confide in someone who you trust and who you know will understand! Don't tell someone who might spread it, as this could make matters worse, and make your frenemie be meaner towards you than before, and get loads of other people unnecessarily involved.

    The best thing to do is to begin to distance yourself from this 'friend' - this means that you can keep the group together, but that you're not constantly feeling uncomfortable. Don't tell them any secrets, and stop doing activities outside of school with them, unless you are in a big group. Still be friendly towards them, but don't go out of your way. You'll notice that as you being to drift away from them, they'll start to leave you alone.

    If your problem is that you've heard that they're talking about you behind your back, first make sure that it's true, and then confront them about it. It may turn out that the person that told you got confused, or even that they never said anything in the first place. Even if that's the case, it's always best to find out, as otherwise you'll always be wondering if it was true or not, which can make you insecure, depending on what they were apparently saying, but remember, NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING! If you're wrong, you could really upset the person who you're blaming, and unnecessarily ruin a friendship. Don't do anything you could regret later.

    Remember that even if one of your friends turns out to be a frenemie, you still have all your other friends who love you and care about you; don't let one person get you down:)

    -L x