Friday, 5 July 2013

How To Incorporate Ridley's (Lena's Cousin) Style Into Your Own

From the moment I saw Ridley with her hair smoothed back, shades on and driving a fierce bright red car I fell in love with her style. She was wearing a black lace dress with no accessories except her sunglasses. Throughout the film I couldn't help but notice her style every time she appeared. But I also noticed that her clothes weren't easy to wear at all in real life unless you were prepared to go all out. Here are some tips to help you introduce her style into your own!

-Wear black! Not once in the film did I see Ridley wear any other colour!

-Wear lace! Whatever outfit she was wearing she managed to have lace in it. Try layering lace into your own outfits, for example wear a black tank with a black lace 3/4 length sleeved top over it. 

-Wear fitted! All her outfits are fitted showing off her waist and hips, it looks really flattering with black outfits because black is a slimming colour!

-Wear minimal! Now I don't mean walk around in your underwear, I mean keep it simple, wear no accessories or one plain one. Also keep outfits simple, for example, just wear a dress, shoes and sunglasses!

These tips will help you look like Ridley in a subtle way if you don't have the confidence to pull off Ridley's dramatic outfits!

-A x


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