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Friday, 22 November 2013

Beauty Crimes We All Commit And Solutions

  1. Forgetting to wash our brushes. Everyday we use makeup brushes but if we don’t wash them regularly, the build up from the makeup and the dead skin cells make it more appealing to bacteria. This can cause more spots!
Fix this by washing any makeup brushes you use every couple of weeks at least. Baby shampoo is ideal to wash brushes with. Simply rinse them with warm water, rub the shampoo in gently and then rinse again thoroughly. It’s best to leave them on a towel overnight so they are dry by the next morning and ready to use!

  1. Not using heat protection. When curling, straightening or using a hairdryer without heat protection you’re damaging your hair.
To combat this, invest in a good heat protection spray. I use the TRESemme Heat Defense Spray.

  1. Using too much conditioner. Your hair can only absorb so much and using too much conditioner can make hair look lifeless.
Use around about a 50p sized blob for long hair and try to avoid the top of your head.

  1. Biting/Licking your lips. This ends up with your lips feeling drier than they did before.
Use a lip balm to heal your dry lips. I would recommend the Vaseline lip balms or the Carmex lip balms. If you fancy a bit of colour, Maybelline’s ‘Baby Lips’ Lip Balm has a range of colours to choose from whilst stopping lips from being dry.

  1. Sleeping with your makeup on. This clogs pores which triggers spots.
Always use a cleanser to remove makeup at night times but keep a pack of face wipes around, for different circumstances and emergencies.

What's your beauty crime? Comment below!

-A x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas gift guide - Gifts under £10

Christmas gift guide - stocking fillers!

Whether you're filling a stocking for someone, or are just wanting to give them a few little gifts instead of 1 big one, it can sometimes be hard to find things that are within a good and affordable budget. So, after doing some online shopping, I managed to find a few items that you could include, all of them being under £10! This would also be good if you are doing a secret Santa with a large group of people, and the price limit is quite low.

  • A great item to give someone is nail varnish - there are so many colours, and especially at Christmas, it's nice to have pretty, sparkly nails. I love the Topshop nail varnishes, and I found these two beautiful, festive colours; Rumours and lies, and Mardi Gras. They are £5 each, which considering the quality is a good deal! I also love the Barry M nail polish, which is even more affordable.
  • As it's Christmas, it's the one time of the year when you can get away with ridiculous Christmas themed clothing, such as those crazy Christmas jumpers that pop in all the shops, but if they're slightly out of your price range, cute Christmassy hats are great too! I love this reindeer and robin hats as they are so adorable and easier to get away with than a full on Christmas jumper. They are both from New Look, and are both only £7.99! These are also great as it is getting much colder, and they will keep your head nice and warm!
  • Speaking of keeping warm, another great gift is some cute gloves! These red and cream snowflake gloves have a hint of Christmas spirit, yet would still be acceptable for the rest of the cold months, and autumn too. These gloves are also from New Look and are £6.99, and look really cozy and warm!
  • Lush always sells amazing bath bombs, but at Christmas they go all out! The present shaped bath bomb, which is called Golden Wonder, is my favorite, as when put in the bath it turns into so many different colours, mainly blues, with glitter and all sorts! It would make an amazing gift, even on its own, as everyone likes to have a nice bath when it's cold outside. This bath bomb is only £3.50!
  • If you're buying for a make-up loving girl, it can be hard to get them something that is affordable, yet still of a high quality. Sleek is definitely a brand I would recommend, especially they eyeshadow pallets. I picked out the eyeshadow pallet in Au Natural, as I feel that the colours would work for everyone, and are gorgeous! The colours are very pigmented and blend-able, and it costs £7.
  • Another cute idea for a girly-girl is a hair accessory. Bows are always in, and these floral bows from New Look are adorable, and I'm sure they would be very appreciated. These are a great 'filler' gift, as they are not very expensive at £3.99 but are still stylish and show that you've put thought into the gift!
  • Many people get new phones for Christmas, so why not buy them a phone case too? This cute owl phone case is actually from Asda, and is only £7. As it is like a pouch, it will completely protect their phone, preventing them from smashing it or damaging it. It isn't something that you would really buy for yourself, which I think makes it an excellent gift, as they probably won't have one, and if they do, it won't be this pretty!
  • My final idea is Christmas themed underwear, such as these Christmas pug pants from Topshop, or Christmas socks, like these Christmas tree socks, also from Topshop. Everyone loves to have a little bit of festivity about them, even if no one else can see it! The pants are £4, and the socks are £3.50.

I hope you found this post helpful and got some ideas for affordable gifts!
Look forward to more Christmas gift guides coming soon!

- L x

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Cozy Winter Outfit

Cozy Winter Outfit

Cozy Winter Outfit by lamey

As it is getting colder now, it's time to pull out all your favorite cozy pieces for the winter months. I am personally loving beanies, especially ones with a pompom on top! I'm also loving dark red or dark green jeans, as I think they just add a bit of colour into a normally plain outfit. Baggy, thick jumpers are a great way to transition any piece of clothing into autumn and winter, as they instantly add warmth and also look really cute!

Above is an outfit that I would definitely wear - if I could afford all the pieces! Just remember that there are always cheaper alternatives to items, so don't despair if you can't afford something that you really want! Click on the link below the outfit to go to our polyvore profile, to see other looks we've created.

Bobble hat from Topshop - £14
Cream jumper from Miss Selfridge - £24.50
Black boots from H&M - £24.99
Jeans from Topshop - £38
Coat from New Look - £49.99

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- L x

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Top 5 Autumn Make-up products

  1. Revlon lip butter in Raspberry pie - I love the dark lips trend, and I find that this lip product is the perfect shade for me. The pink undertones give it a strong berry tone, which I love, as it is one of my favorite autuminal colours. If you would like a full review on this lip butter, just click here!
  2. Maybelline colour tattoo in Pink Gold - This is a beautiful shimmery pink eyshadow base which I find really adds to any eyeshadow, and works especially well with other pink and burgundy shades, as well as bronzes and golds. It adds  a really pretty undertone if you want to use it as a base and helps to keep your eyshadow on all day! I also love wearing it on it's own for an easy eye look and it ties in really well with a dark lip colour.
  3. Natural collection blush in Peach Melba - This blush has a peachy undertone as the name would suggest, but on the skin it helps to add a really healthy glow, whilst looking natural. I like using more peach-toned blushes in autumn rather than pink toned ones like I do in spring, as I find the look warmer and cozier. 
  4. Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick in Bad Bronze - This is another really pretty eyeshadow base, but this one is in a stick form. I like to use this without anything on top, or just with another bronze eyeshadow to set it for an easy autumn look. It blends really beautifully, and makes it look like you've spent a lot of time doing your eye makeup, when it can really be achieved in seconds. I also love this in the colour 'Bulletproof Beige' which is a shimmery beige colour with gold undertones. I like to use that colour on days when I have almost no time, as you don't need to blend very much as it is so neutral!
  5. Barry M Gelly nail paint in Blackberry - Dark nails is another prominent trend in autumn and winter, and I especially love this dark, purply-blue shade, as I think it can look really sophisticated on the nails. I also love the formulation of the gelly nail paints, as only 1-2 coats is needed and the finish is very glossy and shiny. I also find that it doesn't chip easily and will last on the nails for a while, especially if you use a top coat. Remember to use a base coat with dark colours though, as they may stain your nails.
What are your favorite autumn make-up products?

- L x

Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites!

This month I have put together a few favourites to share with you all! 

First up is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo spot cream. I first heard about the product through adverts on YouTube and also after Tanya Burr was talking about it on her channel. After researching the product a little further, I decided to give it a try and I now use the product every morning and evening of each day. It has cleared the ‘under-the-skin-spots’ and reduced the amount I have on the surface of my skin. I would definitely recommend the product, even though it’s priced at £13.00, I am going to be buying this again and again. It now plays an important role in both my morning skincare routine and my evening routine.

The second favourite for this month are my pair of red converse! They’re slightly darker, more a burgundy colour, and go with lots more in my wardrobe that I expected!

The next favourite for October is John Green’s book, The Fault In Our Stars. Although I am about half way through the book I have already immensely enjoyed reading it and have fallen in love with the character of Hazel.

Another favourite is the Lush lip scrub in the ‘popcorn’ flavour/scent. This works wonders on my dry lips, especially as winter is approaching fast. It also tastes and smells amazing and leaves my lips really smooth.

The final favourite is the film Inception. Although it was released in 2010, I still didn’t watch until this October. This film was absolutely amazing and I would definitely say it’s one of my favourite films yet.

Thanks for reading about my favourites, tell me your favourites in the comments below!

-A x