Friday, 28 June 2013

Lola's Style From The Movie 'LOL'

Lola's look is very effortless and she wears a lot of grunge pieces throughout the film such as rock tees and ripped skinny jeans! I've decided on 6 key things you need to recreate Lola's look.

1. A checked shirt. Lola is seen sporting this in a few scenes and it really adds to her grunge look.

2. A leather jacket. This is one of the most important things to get if you want a rock look - it toughens any outfit and can even make a floral dress look grunge.

3. A loose knit jumper. In the film, Lola is often found stealing her mums sweaters and it's a key piece in her look. They're often in dark colours such as black and grey and some have a few holes in. Little details like this add to her look. She usually layers this with a tank top underneath the jumper.

4. Distressed denim. Whether it's ripped skinny jeans or frayed shorts she almost always wears distressed denim! Her friend Janice also was wearing some ripped black skinny jeans in Paris which looked amazing.

5. Grunge shoes. On the picture I put Doc Martens, because I felt that they suited Lola's style. She wore black boots around Paris too. Converse would be another great shoe for Lola's look.

6. Rock tees. In one scene she was seen wearing a 'Ramones' t-shirt.

-A x 


  1. Super cool post my lovely, great work recreating Lola's style!! Spot on ! Bravo! <3

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic