Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to look like the Plastics - Regina George

'And evil takes a human form in Regina George. Don't be fooled because she may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she's so much more than that.'

Mean girls is one of the best (and most quotable) chick flicks, and one of the main features of it is, of course, the plastics. After having recently re-watched it, I though it would be fun to do a mini-series of posts about it, in a 'Get the look' format. Of course, you could take ideas from this and make your everyday look a bit more plastic, or use it as a guide for a costume party or something like that! Overall these posts are just a bit of fun, as I have time to write a few more than normal as its the summer holidays.

Of course I had to start with Regina, as she is the 'queen bee', the leader of the plastics and the most memorable name. In these posts I will be talking about make-up, hair and fashion/style.


Regina's make-up is very clean and perfect - there is never a smudge or too much. Everything is soft and feminine and there is a clear focus on pinky tones

For face make-up, make sure your skin looks as flawless as possible; after all  she is a plastic, so she's sort of like a barbie doll. Her blusher is a pale, warm toned pink, that is soft but is obviously there. A similar colour would be Dandelion by Benefit, as even though it is quite subtle it can be built up. There is no bronzer or highlighter that can be seen.

For her eyes, black eyeliner is a must - it is slightly winged but this is not at all dramatic. In some parts of the film it looks like a light wash of grey or light brown eye shadow is being worn. She is wearing mascara but her lashes still look very natural. In the Halloween party seen, the black eyeliner is heavier and smoked out.

On her lips there are a variety of colours, but it is normally either a sheer hot pink or a more natural peachy colour. It always has a sheen, so lip gloss is the way forward!


Regina's hair is always sleek and straight. This can be achieved by using a smoothing serum or a shine spray. 

Unless your hair is naturally straight, make sure to use heat protectant, such as TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray, beforehand to keep your hair in good condition.  


The main colours that Regina wears are, of course, pink, red, white and a small amount of purple. She also wears a few neutral colours which prevents her from looking too childish and adds a feel of maturity. 

All of the clothes that she wears are fitted/tight, and all the skirts are short. However, none of the tops she wears are ever really that low cut, which helps to balance out the skimpy skirts.

Of course, you could always just cut the section of your top the covers your bra off, if you really want to follow her style;)

Look forward to all the other mean girls posts coming soon!

- L x


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  5. Regina George leader of the plastic because North Shore High School bully everyone around her rules plastics entrance girl world

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