Monday, 12 August 2013

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer Review

After hearing many good things about this concealer, I decided to pick it up, as it was very reasonably priced at £4.19. Another thing that caused me to buy it was that it came in a very pale shade, which is quite hard to find in many high street concealers - they always seem to come up too orange/dark on my skin. After having worn this for a few days in hot weather, I can confirm that it has very good staying power - I did not need to reapply at all throughout the day. It is also very high coverage. Overall I would give this concealer 8/10 as although it is fantastic, it does only come it 4 shades and if too much is applied it can look a little cakey.

- L x


  1. Great review! II like then way it was short and cute, whereas other bloggers draaaaag out reviews and you just click off the page :(


  2. Great post. I really like the collection 2000 concealer I just wish they had a wider colour range!

  3. I love this concealer- definitely my favourite one!

  4. I love this concealer I just wish they did more shades!

  5. I have read so many reviews on this product, I really need to try it out!

    Rebecca x

  6. I wanted to try this concealer for ages :) I think I'll give this a go when I'm in London next week! Thanks so much for the review x

    1. Definitely get it! Thank you for the comment!:)Xx

  7. Have to agree with you ;) one of my favourites x