Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Top 10 Free Apps For iPad and iPhone!

Aside from social networking apps, here - in no particular order, are my top 10 free apps! 

1. Candy Crush. This addictive game has had me hooked for a while! The aim of the game is to match 3 or more candies of the same colour and overcome certain obstacle/goals the game sets you to level up. Currently I'm on level 57!

2. MicPro. This is the best free recording app I have found, I like the quality when you play back your recordings.

3. PS (Photoshop) Express. This is a good app for editing photos and adding filters to your photos. The layout is clear and is great considering its free!

4. 4oD. I watch quite a lot of programs on Channel 4 and E4 so this is a very useful app to catch up with!

5. Bump. This app is great to send pictures to your friends without email or texting. You just bump your iPhones together and the picture(s) transfer! A downside is that you have to use bump when your friends are close by, but it is useful all the same.

6. Words Free. This is basically scrabble. You can play and connect with friends or opt for the app to find you strangers to play with. 

7. Stardom: Hollywood. In this game, you start out as an aspiring actor wanting to be an A-list celebrity. You progress your career by taking part in making films and trying to build your fan base. You can choose what you look like, who you date and save money for houses and pets. New storylines appear and recently I have been hooked. I play this game on my iPad, the screen is bigger and gives a better experience. 

8. Spotify. This is kind of cheating because spotify isn't free, but I have got a free trial. It's so great for listening to your favourite tunes and creating your own playlist. 

9. IconPopQuiz. This is the best app for passing time and it's really fun with family and friends too. It's a quiz game that has 3 main rounds: Famous People, TV & Films, Characters and the additions of Weekend Specials and Season's Box. On each level it has a certain amount of cartoons or icons that look or represent either a famous person, TV program or film or a character. 

10. Hayday. Hayday is an app where you get your own farm, and you have to make it grow and deliver orders to level up. You can buy new machinery and animals!

I would love to know all your favourite free apps!

-A x


  1. I didn't know there was a free photoshop app! Thanks for this!

  2. I love love love love love the free photoshop app, it's great for making edits on the go! The free trial of spotify is awesome too, shame it's just a trial and not for forever :(


    1. I agree I think the photoshop app's great and I really wish Spotify was free!X

  3. great post :)
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

  4. I'm so addicted to Candy Crush, it's really bad. I need that free photoshop app, awesome find!

  5. I love the stardom:hollywood one. its soo fun.

    awesome post!