Thursday, 19 September 2013

20 Quick Gift Ideas

Here are some quick ideas for when you can't think of what to get! There are some expensive and some cheap ones - something for everyone!<3

  1. Lush Box 
  2. Bake them a cake
  3. Gift-card for their favorite clothes shop
  4. Eye shadow pallet
  5. Photo frame with a picture of you together in it
  6. Sweets
  7. Perfume gift set
  8. Purse with £1 in it
  9. Iphone case & Apple store gift card
  10. Necklace
  11. DVD/Box set 
  12. Tickets to the cinema/a theme park
  13. Meal out
  14. Birthstone jewelry
  15. Mini Soap & Glory products
  16. Cozy socks/slippers
  17. Nail Varnishes and nail art pens
  18. Jewelery stand
  19. Room decor
  20. Stationary
I know some of these seem obvious, but sometimes it can be hard to think! If none of these suit the person who you are buying for, then get them something linked to one of their hobbies; for example, if they like baking, get them silicone cupcake cases or a cookery book!

Let us know down below if there is anything you want us to do a post on!x

- L x


  1. These are great gift idea's especially with the holiday's coming up!

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  3. Great ideas! It's always frustrating when you have a friend's birthday coming up and you dont know what to get them!

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