Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas gift guide - Gifts under £10

Christmas gift guide - stocking fillers!

Whether you're filling a stocking for someone, or are just wanting to give them a few little gifts instead of 1 big one, it can sometimes be hard to find things that are within a good and affordable budget. So, after doing some online shopping, I managed to find a few items that you could include, all of them being under £10! This would also be good if you are doing a secret Santa with a large group of people, and the price limit is quite low.

  • A great item to give someone is nail varnish - there are so many colours, and especially at Christmas, it's nice to have pretty, sparkly nails. I love the Topshop nail varnishes, and I found these two beautiful, festive colours; Rumours and lies, and Mardi Gras. They are £5 each, which considering the quality is a good deal! I also love the Barry M nail polish, which is even more affordable.
  • As it's Christmas, it's the one time of the year when you can get away with ridiculous Christmas themed clothing, such as those crazy Christmas jumpers that pop in all the shops, but if they're slightly out of your price range, cute Christmassy hats are great too! I love this reindeer and robin hats as they are so adorable and easier to get away with than a full on Christmas jumper. They are both from New Look, and are both only £7.99! These are also great as it is getting much colder, and they will keep your head nice and warm!
  • Speaking of keeping warm, another great gift is some cute gloves! These red and cream snowflake gloves have a hint of Christmas spirit, yet would still be acceptable for the rest of the cold months, and autumn too. These gloves are also from New Look and are £6.99, and look really cozy and warm!
  • Lush always sells amazing bath bombs, but at Christmas they go all out! The present shaped bath bomb, which is called Golden Wonder, is my favorite, as when put in the bath it turns into so many different colours, mainly blues, with glitter and all sorts! It would make an amazing gift, even on its own, as everyone likes to have a nice bath when it's cold outside. This bath bomb is only £3.50!
  • If you're buying for a make-up loving girl, it can be hard to get them something that is affordable, yet still of a high quality. Sleek is definitely a brand I would recommend, especially they eyeshadow pallets. I picked out the eyeshadow pallet in Au Natural, as I feel that the colours would work for everyone, and are gorgeous! The colours are very pigmented and blend-able, and it costs £7.
  • Another cute idea for a girly-girl is a hair accessory. Bows are always in, and these floral bows from New Look are adorable, and I'm sure they would be very appreciated. These are a great 'filler' gift, as they are not very expensive at £3.99 but are still stylish and show that you've put thought into the gift!
  • Many people get new phones for Christmas, so why not buy them a phone case too? This cute owl phone case is actually from Asda, and is only £7. As it is like a pouch, it will completely protect their phone, preventing them from smashing it or damaging it. It isn't something that you would really buy for yourself, which I think makes it an excellent gift, as they probably won't have one, and if they do, it won't be this pretty!
  • My final idea is Christmas themed underwear, such as these Christmas pug pants from Topshop, or Christmas socks, like these Christmas tree socks, also from Topshop. Everyone loves to have a little bit of festivity about them, even if no one else can see it! The pants are £4, and the socks are £3.50.

I hope you found this post helpful and got some ideas for affordable gifts!
Look forward to more Christmas gift guides coming soon!

- L x

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  1. love all these festive picks! the gloves and robin hat are my faves though!
    Becci x

  2. nice post!


  3. I am a little obsessed with Christmas socks (I wear them all year long). I love those snowflake gloves as well, awesome picks!

  4. LOVE your gift guide my dear, filled with such wonderful and original ideas! Great that they're all bargains too, that's a huge plus hehe! Thanks! ♥

    Liana x
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