Sunday, 13 April 2014

50s/60s Fashion

After watching Hairspray and The Help within the same week, I feel obliged to do a late 50s/
early 60s fashion post! 
Photos of James Marsden
The 60s tea/swing dresses in all their glory // Hairspray

Modcloth is an amazing clothing website which sells an array of different vintage styled
clothing. Sometimes with vintage clothing it looks a little out of place if you are going out
in it, however I think Modcloth’s clothing is very wearable and easy to incorporate into 
your wardrobe. Also, you can find lots of vintage dresses on Etsy – some are even tailored 
to your measurements! I found a website called Gin and Sin through Etsy, which I haven’t 
ordered anything from but the dresses look beautiful. 

From left to right: Modcloth, Gin and Sin, Modcloth, Gin and Sin, Modcloth

A celebrity I spotted wearing this style of dress was Emma Stone on the Ellen Show. Not only 
do I have fashion inspiration from her on Ellen, she’s actually in The Help so vintage fashion 
inspiration came from there too!

Untitled #55
Emma Stone on Ellen in a beautiful yellow tea dress

I think when wearing your vintage dress, it's best to keep everything else simple - especially if your dress has a bright colour/pattern like Emma Stones.

Thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if you know any good places to find vintage dresses! 

-A x


  1. I loved the fashion from this time!! It looks so glamorous and bright!! Emmas dress looks amazing!!
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    Elizabeth x

  2. I watched Hairspray the other day too, it's been on TV a lot lately and I was loving the fashion in it! Love you picks!

  3. I love your blog! Follow back? :)

  4. Great post! After I watch hairspray I feel the same way, lol. I really like the style of their dresses. :D

  5. love vintage dresses! both these movies are so good, i think does good vintage and ebays great too! x