Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer Style - Co-ordinates

Missguided - Co-ords

This season, one of the biggest trends is 'co-ordinates', where the top and bottom part of an outfit match. I personally love this trend as I think that the matching items look very chic when put together, but they can also be paired with other items, creating a lot of different outfits.

I have found that the best place to get these matching sets is Missguided, as they are inexpensive but are still fashionable. When worn together, the items create a 'put-together' feel, and it looks as if you spent a lot of time on your outfit.

Overall, I think this trend is for everyone, as it can look cute or professional, depending on the co-ords you choose, and there are many different shapes, so there is something for every body type. Below are links to all of the sets shown above, all of which are from Missguided.

1~ Top - £14.99, Bottom - £14.99

2~ Top - £19.99, Bottom - £19.99

3~ Top - £19.99, Bottom - £19.99

4~ Top - £14.99, Bottom - £7.49

5~ Top - £19.99, Bottom - £19.99

6~ Top - £14.99, Bottom - £17.99

7~ Top - £14.99, Bottom - £17.99

8~ Top - £14.99, Bottom - £14.99

These are just some of the co-ordinates available on Missguided, and other websites such as Boohoo sell many of them as well, so be sure to check there if you don't see anything you like!

- L x


  1. I love co-ords too! They're very effortlessly chic and I just think they're pure genius! They're very practical too since it can work together or individual. Do you have a co-ord? Would love to see you post about them! xx

    1. I don't have one yet, but I really one to get one!<3 x

  2. So pretty! I love the white one!!


  3. love the co-ords!

    from helen at

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  4. love number 4 the most !
    love co -ords because we don't have to worry to mix and match when we're in a hurry also it can be paired with a lot of things too !

    anyway would you mind if we follow each other ?
    i've already followed you

    1. Exactly - they're such an easy thing to wear!<3

  5. This is a great post! I love the look of the top & bottom matching as well. It's SO cute & chic! :) My favorite above is the white set. I'm going to have to check out that website ASAP :)


    1. I love the white one too - and you really should check out missguided, all the clothes are so nice!<3

  6. been loving the matching crop top and shorts trend!

    1. Me too - I think it's my favorite trend this summer!x