Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gifts for under £10 - Fathers day Edition

Fathers day is just around the corner (this Sunday to be precise) so I thought I would do an impromptu post giving you some ideas of what you could get him at the last minute/at an affordable price!

- Fill a mug (such as this from paperchase) with his favorite chocolates/sweets - you can get these at poundland. To make this more special you could try and find a father day themed mug!

- Get a photograph frame (such as this one from m&s), and either just put a picture in it of you both/your whole family, or, depending on how much time you have, you could create a collage of all your favorite images.

- Shower gels from places like boots are normally quite cheap (this one smells really good too!) but if wrapped up nicely could appear more expensive - but them in a box filled with newspaper/tissue paper. You could also get something from the 'dirty' line from lush, which is meant for men so definitely wont smell 'feminine'.

- Linking to the other photograph idea, if you have more time you could create a scrapbook (this is good if you want a simple one) full of memories you have together if you really want to show how much time and effort you put into presents - this is VERY time consuming though, so be prepared!

- If you just want something simple, this wallet is affordable but still classic, and is something every dad will use.

There are my top 5 ideas - there are many more, but just remember that it doesn't matter what you get your dad on Fathers Day; he'll love it anyway... sometimes the best present is a homemade card and spending time with him (ew how cheesy I know)!

- L x


  1. Cute blog, you must upload images :-)