Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How to get great looking skin!


- Cleanse your skin every morning and night.

- Make sure that you have removed all face and eye make-up before you go to bed, or it will clog up your pores and cause spots/blackheads.

- Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and to keep your skin smooth - this make your make-up sit better on the skin.

- Moisturize, even if you have oily skin! If you don't your skin will produce more natural oils as it will feel dehydrated, making your skin even oilier!


- Make sure that your foundation concealer/powder match your skin colour! Also make sure that your foundation is well blended.

- Remember that your foundation won't cover everything! Use concealer to cover larger/more obvious spots and other imperfections.

- Don't keep applying more layers of foundation to cover spots up, as it will just end up looking cakey and fake

- Use a primer if you have an oily skin type, to keep your foundation and concealer in place all day and to stop it from looking patchy.

- Use a powder to set your make-up to keep shine at bay. If your skin is particularly oily, take your powder with you so you can touch it up throughout the day. 

- Try and switch to a lighter coverage foundation/tinted moisturizer , as this will let your skin breath more and improve.

- If you have dry skin, use a cream highlighter to add a dewy and healthy glow to the face

- Use bronzer and blush to add colour to the face - this is great if you have very pale skin, but make sure that your bronzer isn't too orange!

- If you're not going anywhere one day, don't wear any makeup and let your skin breath!

-L x


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