Friday, 14 June 2013

10 Ways Of Getting Rid Of Fake Tanning Mishaps

The weather has finally started to warm up a bit in England, however I am still as white as a sheet! Fake tanning is one option to combat this, so here are some tips to get a beautiful summer glow:

1. Mix the fake tan with an unscented body moisturizer. This makes the tan less streaky and a little less orange! Or you could get St Tropez to do this for you with it's Gradual Tan Everyday Body which comes in Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. I have this product and it's amazing but you must make sure you exfoliate first! That brings us on to the next tip...

2. Exfoliate! Before applying you need to exfoliate otherwise the tan gathers in certain areas. These areas are usually knees, hands, elbows and feet so make sure you especially exfoliate those places.

3. Apply body lotion to the same areas where the tan may gather (knees, hands, elbows and feet).

4. If you make any mistakes use lemon juice. For example, if the fake tan did in fact gather at the knees you could put some lemon juice on a flannel and try to scrub some of it off. You must cover any cuts whilst doing this because if any lemon juice gets in them it could be painful!

5. Do a test patch a few days before you are planning to fake tan. You don't want to be allergic to it and have it all over your body!

6. Use gloves or a mitt. This protects your hands from those awful orange coloured palms you get. A mitt will also make sure the fake tan goes on evenly.

7. Tanning at night is less disruptive of your normal every day routine. It might be hard to do things like getting dressed if you recently fake tanned as you want it to dry properly.

8. Avoid putting anything extra onto your body before you fake tan. Things like perfume and deodorant may interfere with the tan.

9. Buff your skin after tanning. Do this on the knees, hands, elbows and feet so you get an even glow! You could do this with a dry towel.

10. To speed up the process use a hair dryer! 

-A x


  1. I'm awful at using fake tan so these are great tips!
    Maybe i'll be brave enough to give it a try now.

    Hannah x

  2. Such a great idea for a post! I use fake tan and will be sure to use some of these tips!

    Xo, Michelle

  3. Great post sweeties, have never used fake tan before, I always go in the summer at the seaside and the tan actually lasts me for a few months yay! ^^ But thank you for the tips, if I use it I'll make sure to come back to the post hehe!

    Thank you so much for your comment from yesterday, really appreciate it! <33 Followed your wonderful blog via GFC and Bloglovin!

    Liana x
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    1. You're lucky that you tan naturally! And thank you for your comment and for following us!:)x

  4. Lovely tips! I've never used fake tanning because I'm tanned enough already haha
    I just followed you via GFC, please check out my blog :) xx
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  5. Gorgeous tips!!
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    1. Thank you! I followed you on bloglovin!:)x

  6. Love your content! good job!!
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    1. Thank you:) I will be sure to check it out x

  7. i never fake tan so i never have mishaps lol

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion