Saturday, 15 March 2014

Get The Look - Cher from Clueless

Clueless - Cher

Clueless - Cher by lamey

 Shirt ~ H&M, £14.99
 Crop Top ~ Mango, £29.99
Plaid Skirt ~ Topshop, £42
Knee High Socks ~ BooHoo, £4
Backpack ~ Pull and Bear, £29.99
Heels ~ Sole Society, £42

'Clueless' is a film that was made in 1995, which I would highly recommend watching, which is based around a girl named Cher. I love the fashion in this film, although Cher's style is not typical of that time. In 1995, many people dressed in a grunge style, but the producers of the film wanted to emulate a classy, girly yet powerful feel through the 'school-girl' like clothing.

Cher's style is quite preppy, which lots of plaid skirts teamed with blouses and blazers. She also wears a lot of knee high socks, in either black or white, which are back in style right now. I love how you can look back at old trends and see them come back into fashion many years later; it's almost like a cycle. I love Cher's style and how it's preppy, but still cute with the short skirts and heels.

For the particular outfit I chose to recreate, she pairs a red and black plaid skirt with a white shirt with a tight red crop top over the top. She leaves the skirt un-tucked, but they crop top helps to redefine her figure. The outfit is topped off with black knee high socks, a black back pack and a red hair band. The whole look feels very together, but at the same time effortless, which is why I love it!

You could either fully re-create this look for a costume or if you just really love the style, or you could take elements from Cher's style and work it into your own. For example, backpacks, plaid skirts and knee highs are all on trend at the moment, so why not add one of them into your wardrobe? I really want to get some knee high socks for the transition between winter and spring, as they will add some warmth to my legs, but will feel more spring-like than wearing tights! 

Have you seen Clueless? What's your favorite 90's film?

- L x


  1. Love clueless so so much, great post!!!!

  2. I havent seen Clueless in forever, now I know what I'll be watching later!

  3. Love mix and match!
    mind to check my blog?


    1. Thank you, and I'll check it out now!<3 x

  4. I loved Clueless when I was younger! Cher's style was amazing
    Bea x
    Bea's Beauty Blog

  5. I'm in love with this movie and this post is literally perfection! I really like how the clothes you've chosen actually looks like the ones used in the movie. Great job :)

    xoxo, Vero.

    1. I love the film too - it's one of my favorite! Thank you xx