Sunday, 16 February 2014

Baby Skin Vs. Porefessional

Maybelline recently brought out Baby Skin, a primer that is supposed to be a dupe for benefit's Porefessional. As I said I would in my January favorites, I am going to compare them in this post!

The texture of the two products is very similar, and both leave your skin feeling very smooth and soft. I would say that Baby Skin has a slightly oilier feel. Although Porefessional has a colour to it and Baby skin does not, I personally did not find this to make any difference as I use it under my foundation. One benefit to Porefessional is that it does mattify the skin more than Baby Skin, and it can be applied over make-up to get rid of shine and oil that has appeared through the day. Because of this, I would say that Porefessional is a more versatile product, but apart from this I would say they are pretty much identical.

Baby Skin is £7.99, making it much cheaper than Porefessional, which is £24.50. You get 22ml in each primer, so they both contain the same amount. The packaging of Porefessional looks much more expensive, probably because it is, and less comes out in one pump, in comparison to Baby Skin. This means less waste if you only use a tiny amount, but the amount that tends to come of Baby Skin is normally about the right amount for me anyway! Neither of them have a particular scent, which is good as generally a strong scent means that the product may be more likely to break your skin out.

I found that both helped to keep my foundation on all day, and both created a nice base to apply make-up on top of, making the skin feel 'pore-less' as they both claimed to. Overall, I do think that the quality is very similar, and that Porefessional is only slightly better as mattifies the skin more, and controls oil slightly better. If you have oily skin, it might be a better option, but I have normal/combination skin, and found both just as good as each other!

If you have a bit of extra money to splurge, I would recommend trying Porefessional, as it is an excellent primer, but Baby Skin is so much cheaper, and is almost of the same high quality, so overall I would choose it over Porefessional.

I hope you found this review helpful! Have you tired either of the primers? What did you think of them?

- L x


  1. I'm really desperate to try Porefessional, I've heard only good things about it! But Baby Skin also sounds really good!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. You should try at least of one - they both make your skin feel SO nice!xx

  2. This was so helpful! I really want to try a primer and I think I'll start with the baby skin for now! :)

    AJ |

  3. Great review, I've been hearing a lot of people rave about the porefessional and just an hour ago I watched a review on baby skin. You did a great job giving the pros and cons of each! Thanks for sharing :)
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Thank you! And yes, they both get talked about a lot!<3