Wednesday, 5 February 2014

January Favorites

I haven't done a post on my favorites for a while, meaning I have a lot of new ones - so I thought I would share them with you in this post!

Beauty/Skincare Favorites

I have been loving my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation this month, as I love the light-medium coverage that it gives, and also the colour matches me perfectly! I love how the finish is slightly dewy, but not shiny, and the staying power is good, as long as you powder it. If you're really pale, like me, then I would recommend that you go and check this out, as it's the only one that I've found in the drugstore that doesn't look orange on my skin. I have also been loving the new primer that Maybelline brought out, called Baby Skin. It's very similar to Benefit's Porefessional, but is only £7.99! I'm going to do a full review of this, and compare it too Porefessional, so I won't talk about it too much now! 

For skincare, I have been loving face masks in general. As it the weather became colder, my skin got worse, and using masks such as the Tea Tree face mask from The Body Shop has really helped me to keep it as clear as possible.

Fashion Favorites

I have been loving big, cozy jumpers this winter, as it has just been so cold in the UK - still no snow where I live though! Big jumpers feel so comfy, but when styled right can look really stylish, too. I love wearing them over skirts, to add a girly feel to my outfit. They're also great for when you're just having  lazy day at home. They can also be really flattering, as they hide your stomach, so that it doesn't matter if you've been eating a lot! I have also been loving my ankle boots from Topshop. They go really well with skirts and dresses with tights, which is what I generally wear. I love that they have laces, and think that they almost look slightly vintage. They're really comfy, and I've been wearing them constantly ever since I got them! I love how warm toned the colour is, and they're not too pale, so they won't get dirty too easily.

YouTube Favorites

My favorite youtuber this month has been SprinkleOfGlitter - I love her personality, and just how genuine she seems in her videos! She does a range of videos, including beauty themed ones, but she never fails to cheer me up or make me laugh. Also, her daughter Darcy is adorable! She also has a blog, which I love to read too, and she is actually one of the people who inspired us to start our own blog!

Random Favorites

A TV show that I have been loving is The Carrie Diaries. The second season just finished, and I watched both of the seasons in a matter of days. If you love chick flick type films, then you will love this show! Each episode has something happen in it, and there are basically no boring moments! It's basically about Carrie from Sex in the City, but when she was younger. I love all the characters, and I just really can't wait for the next season! 
A film that I loved was Frozen, the new Disney film. The story was just so well thought out, and I loved all the songs that were in it. I would recommend this to anyone, regardless of their age, as it is just such an adorable film, but it has funny and sad moments too. It gives a really sweet message about how love can make everything better, and I also love that it shows that not every princess needs a prince to save her!

That's all my favorites for the past month! Please follow us on Bloglovin' or GFC to know when we put up a new post! 

- L x


  1. I read the Carrie Diary books but haven't watched the show!

  2. Oh I love the Carrie diaries too! I'm huge fan of SATC so I obviously got super hooked on mini Carrie right away!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

    1. It is such a good show! I can't wait for the next season - I love all the clothes in it too<3

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing about the foundation! :)
    How was the Tea Tree face mask? Do you think it moisturizes a lot too?

    Lucy <3

    1. I don't think it is very moisturizing, but it doesn't dry out your skin - it leaves it feeling very soft xx