Tuesday, 14 May 2013

5 things to do... At the weekend!

Organising things to do at the weekend with your friends can sometimes be difficult - it's hard to think of something that everyone wants to do and that everyone can afford, and to do different stuff too, as it can get really repetitive. Also, the sort of stuff you can do is limited when you're a teen because it all depends on what your parents say yes too! But anyway, here are my 5 ideas of fun stuff to do at the weekend!
  1. Have a film day/night/weekend... get all of your friends to bring their favorite film and sweets and stuff and just get all cozy and watch them... this is best when it's cold outside, because you don't feel bad about sitting inside because the weather isn't all nice and warm.
  2. Go shopping! Even if it's just window shopping, it's still fun to get your friends opinion on stuff that you might buy.
  3. Have a picnic. This is great if you have a park or a large area where you can sit and eat in the town where you live, and a picnic can be surprisingly cheap - you could just go to Gregs or get a boots meal deal or whatever. I love doing this in spring/summer as it just feels so relaxed and lovely!
  4. Go out for a meal! This is basically a more expensive and posh version of a picnic, but this works all year round - you don't have to go to somewhere that's really expensive either - Nando's and Pizza hut are great too!
  5. Do some baking together, or decorate cupcakes - if your are completely broke this is my favorite as you can get the ingredients from what you already have or ask your parents to buy them... and the best bit is that you get to eat whatever you make afterwards!
- L x

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