Friday, 17 May 2013

Pretty Little Liars Theories - SPOILERS ALERT!

After the finale of PLL we've all been left wondering what's going on! Who's the person in the Red Coat? Is Mona really clueless about who they are? Unfortunately we'll have to hang on until June 11th to find out! But we do know this. Red Coat is undeniably the leader of every A operation and it seems as though nobody knows who she is. Not even people on the A team.

Theory No.1
Alison is back from the dead.

Spencer, Hanna and Mona ALL claim to have seen her in the red coat, but are they reliable? Red coat also has golden locks rather similar to Alison's which may suggest it's her. At the end of the episode 'A dangerous gAme' a hand shoots out of the soil like its gasping for air. I immediately assumed it's Alison, but that is an obvious guess. From what I've learnt from PLL it makes you think one thing and then it turns out to be what you least expected!

Theory No.2:
Alison had a twin who is Red Coat.

The main evidence for this theory is the Pretty Little Liars book, 'Ali's Pretty Little Lies'. The book introduces Alison's twin, Courtney DiLaurentis. The book says that Alison convinced her parents that Courtney needed to go to Radley, however Courtney switched places with Ali. It was then Courtney who made friends with the Pretty Little Liars before an annoyed Alison killed her. Although the TV series doesn't follow the book completely, some parts of the book are still used so it's a possibility. And as they're identical twins, all the evidence in theory one supports the fact that it could be Courtney in the red coat! 

Theory No.3:
Red Coat is Cece.

Well it is obvious that Cece has the perfect hair to be Red Coat, but what else make her a suspect? Well slightly earlier in the series Cece told Spencer that Paige and Alison had it out for each other. This caused Spencer to be suspicious of Paige and look through her purse where they found the earring Aria put in Ali's grave. Cece could have easily slipped this earring into Paige's purse. The night of Alisons death Cece was with Melissa at Ali's and also she lied to the girls about knowing detective Wilden. 


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