Monday, 6 May 2013

Pretty Little Liars! Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

The first thing that caught my eye this episode (Will The Circle Be Unbroken?) was Emily's studded khaki vest! I know this style has been worn a lot recently but I absolutely fell in love with this piece of clothing. It's from Zara and Emily pulled it off really well. I feel like Emily's style really has changed since season 1 as she started off just wearing a striped tee and denim mini skirt and now she is rocking studded khaki vests. Who would of thought it?! Also in this episode another jacket was seen on Emily. It's a cropped grey-black denim jacket sold by Urban Outfitters. The brand Silence + Noise made it and most of their stock fits a mix of Aria and Emily's style. Urban Outfitters has a lot of clothing that the PLL girls would wear, Staring at Stars and Silence + Noise are two brands that I have mentioned already but another brand called Sparkle and Fade features a lot of PLL looking clothing.


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