Friday, 24 May 2013

Making Pretty Little Liars Fashion Wearable

PLL fashion is beautiful. From Aria's edgy look to Spencer's preppy style, I always love what they're wearing. However lots of the clothes they wear take a lot of guts to walk in down the highstreet. Here are some ways of introducing their style into your own look: 

Let's start with Aria. 
With Aria she always finds a way of making her outfit look a bit more edgy. Maybe she accessorizes more or adds a interesting piece to the outfit but it always looks unique, in a good way. Another key thing about Aria's wardrobe is that it's mostly darker colours: plums, olive greens, browns, gunmetal grey and of course black. She also likes her layers which add a boho feel to her look.

This is a typical Aria outfit: leather jacket, cute dress, knee-high socks and some accessories to top it off. Although this might be a bit extreme to wear in real life, you can take elements from it and incorporate it into your own look.

Next there's Spencer. Her fashion is very preppy, well tailored and put together. She never really accessories much, nowhere near as much as Aria, but she doesn't need to. Her outfits are a few simple pieces put together that looks very classy. A staple item in Spencer's wardrobe is a blazer. Also lace dresses and blouses are always in her wardrobe!
Spencer has a very neutral colour scheme in her wardrobe and little pattern. 

My all time favourite Spencer outfits are the top left picture and the dress and cardi combo in the little picture to the right. They are very feminine and sophisticated. This isn't really fashion related but I adore Spencer's braid in the bottom right picture as well!

Hanna's fashion is girly, and recently it's started to get edgier. Hanna is all about the heels and dressing up, the school is her catwalk. She wears bright yet feminine colours and she always looks like queen bee! 

Here Hanna's got on a red mini skirt which has a brilliant pop of colour! This is quite easy to recreate and it fits into Hanna's style well. She always throws on a blazer which gives her a polished look. The belt in the picture is studded to show Hanna's style getting more edgy throughout the series. Hanna always accessories and long necklaces are one way to go about it!

Last but not least, Emily. Emily's style started off as normal quite plain and very 'mother approved'. But in series three she has developed more of a style for herself. Her signature piece are her jackets and she's been recently sporting a military jacket. The key to Emily's look is to look casual with a twist. She toughens her looks with the jackets and also leather boots/converse.

Emily's wearing an acid wash denim shirt which shows the new edge she's got this season. If your trying to look like Emily casual is definitely the way forward but she makes it look so effortless and cool. Her clothes are quite loose fitting which helps with the effortless vibe.

You can mix and match all of these styles and I think the Liars have fashion to suit everyone! Some brands where they get their clothes from are Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Asos, Modcloth and Forever 21.

- A 

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