Friday, 31 May 2013

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection

My favourite perfume of the moment is from Ralph Lauren's most recent fragrance collection for women. In order, the perfumes go 'the sporty fragrance', 'the sensual fragrance', 'the free spirited fragrance' and finally 'the stylish fragrance'. I bought the sporty fragrance as I liked that scent the most, not because I am in any way sporty - trust me, I am not.The packaging is sporty (hense the name 'the sporty fragrance') in a tinted blue bottle with a spring green '1' imprinted on the front. I feel as though this perfume is beautiful for spring and summertime as it's fresh, slightly floral and described as smelling like citrus fruits. It features grape fruit and blue lotus making it more vibrant than the others in the collection. This is not at all over powering and has a very energetic and, well, sporty feel to it. I would recommend this perfume to everyone and I think it is suited to most ages although it smells quite youthful so maybe older women want something more sophisticated. I can't wait to try out the rest in the collection and I am particularly interested in trying the fourth and last one in the collection as it is described as smelling like wild cherry and purple amber! You can also buy gift sets which includes the full bottle of the perfume itself and a body lotion of the same scent.

-A x

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