Tuesday, 7 May 2013

MUA Undressed and Undressed 2 eye-shadow palettes review

The Urban Decay Naked palettes are beautiful, and, like many other people, I wish I could have one, but, unfortunately for me, they are also ridiculous expensive - at least in my opinion! When you're a teenager, or even just don't have much money to spend on things such as make up pallets, you always seem to want the pricey things that you will never ever ever be able to afford - at least not for a good few years. However, there is hope for us all, as there are dupes! Some are better than others, but to be honest this might not be a very good post to read if you're looking for a comparison, as, like I said, I can't afford one of the naked pallets, so there are not going to be any side-by-side swatches of the colours. But, from pictures, the colours look VERY similar.

The dupes that I am talking about are the MUA Undressed pallets, which are only £4, which is great value, as in each pallet you get 12 different colours in each one. The first undressed pallet is a great dupe for the first Naked pallet, and the 2nd one is a great dupe for the 2nd Naked pallet. You also get a sponge tip applicator with the pallet, but I find that the best way to apply the eye shadow is with your fingers, as it seems to pick up the most pigment. Having said this, some of the colours, especially the matte ones, are quite sheer, but for £4, I really don't consider this as much of a problem. Some of the colours are very pigmented, and all of the look beautiful when worn. 

The Undressed pallet contains more warm-toned colours and has a range of neutrals, gold and bronze colours, pinks, a deep green and two dark blue shades. Two of the browns are matte, and I find that the lightest one is great for filling in my brows to make them more prominent - if I want them slightly more defined I will add some of the darker matte brown. All the colours go well together and can be used to create day and night looks - simple and quick looks to dark smokey eyes. If I only got one of the pallets, I would personally get this one, as even though I love the other one too, my hair has more warm tones in it, which these eye shadows help to bring out.

The Undressed 2 pallet contains more cool toned colours, as well as having a few more mattes than the other pallet, such as a pale matte skin-toned colour which makes a great base for your eye shadow, and a matte black. I would say that all of the colours in this pallet are neutrals, even though it has a gold and silver, as they are all very discrete, so this is great to use for school if your make-up isn't meant to be that obvious. This can also be used to create more dramatic looks, so this is again a great all-round product to get if you only want to have to buy one eye shadow pallet!

I hope you found this post useful - if there is anything else you would like us to review/find a dupe for, please just tell us in the comments below!

- L x

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